Ringing In The New Year!!

So today is the last day of 2013! It has been a good year, though Li Wu wasn’t around for most of it he definitely made the end of my year even better, He has a few plans for 2014, some of which i will now share with you!

Li Wu’s 2014:

  • Take over the blog!
  • Have lots of fun adventures
  • Take lots of photos
  • Eat more chocolate

Today has been a day of getting ready, Li Wu has been helping me and my parents do some cooking, we made cake and sausage rolls, then we watched a Kung Fu Panda short, which Li Wu loved and now we are watching How To Train Your Dragon and Li Wu is begging me for a pet Dragon! Somehow i don’t think that will happen as cool as it would be think of the fire hazard and where would we keep it!!
Right now bring on the party food and the fun!!

He is looking forward to New Year and taking over the blog so he can tell you all about his crazy adventures =P right now hes

What are your plans for the New Year?

Hope you have a good one!



Li Wu’s 1st Christmas

So this year was both Li Wu’s first Christmas and his Birthday!! What a day to have your birthday on, don’t worry though, most people only get one set of presents if their birthday is on Christmas day, Li Wu will be being spoilt every year =P


Merry Christmas from Li Wu!

He enjoyed his first Christmas with us, he ate LOTS of chocolate, played lots of games and watched lots of TV!
Li Wu then spent the whole of the next day in bed cause he was so tired from all the celebrating, as we all know Christmas is the time of year when the TV is clogged full of films, so, thats what he has been doing the past couple of days, watching lots of films, mainly Star Wars on repeat, Planet 51, Shrek and lots of other awesome films!

As you can see by the picture Li Wu enjoyed his Christmas celebrations, particularly the paper hats! He thought they were very fun to wear and play with, it took me a while to get him to sit still for that photo.

He is currently lay in bed watching the last installment of Star Wars on ITV2 +1 and resting up before the new year celebrations tomorrow, where he will get to meet more of his new family, he is very excited at the prospect of more chocolate and lots more people for him to cuddle!


Li Wu & Ted Recovering after all the chocolate eating whilst watching Star Wars

However, I will be keeping an eye on himĀ as I came home the other night to find him and Ted had eaten almost an entire box of Toblerones!! A whole box, imagine that!! I wasn’t too upset though cause its Christmas and I like to share, I can see this has rubbed off on Li Wu and Ted cause they were sharing with each other.


Mmmmmmm Chocolate!! At least they shared

They didn’t seem too worried that they had been caught either, they just carried on eating the chocolate!
Of course I took it away from them cause they would have made themselves poorly had they carried on, and I’ve now put the rest of the chocolate away to give them a few days rest from it =P

Li Wu and I hope that you all had a great Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!!

See you in 2014!

Pandas Don’t Like The Cold!

Li Wu has antlersOn Christmas day I thought the walk home would be like any other, little did I know with Li Wu by my side things were not all they seemed…. he was very quiet on the walk home and now I realise why, Pandas are from a hot region for a reason!!

They do not like the cold, it makes strange, strange things happen to them, it would seem that they have a gene which makes them change when taken out into the cold, it is not a dangerous change, more a cosmetic change… they grow antlers!! Now I know this seems silly and hard to believe but check out my photo evidence, this happened to Li Wu because of my lack of knowledge, so now I’m here to tell you so you can be prepared!!
However, don’t fret, if this has happened to your Panda, it is a pretty simple fix it just takes a little while, if you have a heater or a fire or any source of warmth (even a blanket or a cuddle might work), put your Panda close to the source of warmth and wait about half an hour/an hour, slowly the antlers will disappear, give it another 10 minutes after they have disappeared before moving your Panda away from the warmth just to make sure the antlers have gone completely, by this time your Panda may have fallen asleep (Li Wu was fast asleep) and you can just pick them up and move them to their/your bed.

Have you ever seen a Panda sleep? They are the cutest things when they sleep, Li Wu fidgets a lot but he also likes to wrap himself in the blankets, he looks like a little Panda Fajita!
Today he is mostly laying in bed watching Planet 51 and eating lots of chocolate! cause its Christmas and if he can’t eat lots of chocolate at Christmas when can he?!

Li Wu

cropped-dsc_04761.jpgLi Wu is a Panda teddy that I received as a Christmas present this year, he is the outcome of a long standing joke between my boyfriend’s sister and myself.

His name means Gift in Mandarin so I felt it was quite a fitting name, he is also incredibly cute and cuddly.

Li Wu enjoys having his photo taken in various poses, as you can see the one to the left is him sat under the Christmas tree (He LOVES Christmas)

Some other things Li Wu enjoys:

  • Films (Star Wars, Disney Films & Kung Fu Panda)
  • Chocolate
  • Cuddles
  • Adventures
  • Sleeping
  • Video Games
  • Board Games
  • Reading

Li Wu is not an ordinary Panda, he much prefers to live with Humans, especially as he lives in the UK, it can get pretty cold outside sometimes and he prefers the warmth of our houses, plus he gets to watch TV and eat biscuits inside!! How can that be bad!?

How Li Wu came to be

Roughly 4/5 years ago my boyfriend’s sister was going to ASDA, she asked if there was anything we wanted and I jokingly asked for Panda pie and she promised to get me some, but cause obviously it is not a real thing she never got it for me, since then everytime this question has been asked Panda pie has always been my answer and occasionally I reminded her that she had yet to buy me Panda pie, on Christmas of this year (2013) she finally fulfilled this promise when i unwrapped Li Wu who was in a bowl and covered with tinfoil!! I totally wasn’t expecting it and it was very funny =D and I now have an awesome cuddly Panda in my collection!