Li Wu

cropped-dsc_04761.jpgLi Wu is a Panda teddy that I received as a Christmas present this year, he is the outcome of a long standing joke between my boyfriend’s sister and myself.

His name means Gift in Mandarin so I felt it was quite a fitting name, he is also incredibly cute and cuddly.

Li Wu enjoys having his photo taken in various poses, as you can see the one to the left is him sat under the Christmas tree (He LOVES Christmas)

Some other things Li Wu enjoys:

  • Films (Star Wars, Disney Films & Kung Fu Panda)
  • Chocolate
  • Cuddles
  • Adventures
  • Sleeping
  • Video Games
  • Board Games
  • Reading

Li Wu is not an ordinary Panda, he much prefers to live with Humans, especially as he lives in the UK, it can get pretty cold outside sometimes and he prefers the warmth of our houses, plus he gets to watch TV and eat biscuits inside!! How can that be bad!?

How Li Wu came to be

Roughly 4/5 years ago my boyfriend’s sister was going to ASDA, she asked if there was anything we wanted and I jokingly asked for Panda pie and she promised to get me some, but cause obviously it is not a real thing she never got it for me, since then everytime this question has been asked Panda pie has always been my answer and occasionally I reminded her that she had yet to buy me Panda pie, on Christmas of this year (2013) she finally fulfilled this promise when i unwrapped Li Wu who was in a bowl and covered with tinfoil!! I totally wasn’t expecting it and it was very funny =D and I now have an awesome cuddly Panda in my collection!


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