Pandas Don’t Like The Cold!

Li Wu has antlersOn Christmas day I thought the walk home would be like any other, little did I know with Li Wu by my side things were not all they seemed…. he was very quiet on the walk home and now I realise why, Pandas are from a hot region for a reason!!

They do not like the cold, it makes strange, strange things happen to them, it would seem that they have a gene which makes them change when taken out into the cold, it is not a dangerous change, more a cosmetic change… they grow antlers!! Now I know this seems silly and hard to believe but check out my photo evidence, this happened to Li Wu because of my lack of knowledge, so now I’m here to tell you so you can be prepared!!
However, don’t fret, if this has happened to your Panda, it is a pretty simple fix it just takes a little while, if you have a heater or a fire or any source of warmth (even a blanket or a cuddle might work), put your Panda close to the source of warmth and wait about half an hour/an hour, slowly the antlers will disappear, give it another 10 minutes after they have disappeared before moving your Panda away from the warmth just to make sure the antlers have gone completely, by this time your Panda may have fallen asleep (Li Wu was fast asleep) and you can just pick them up and move them to their/your bed.

Have you ever seen a Panda sleep? They are the cutest things when they sleep, Li Wu fidgets a lot but he also likes to wrap himself in the blankets, he looks like a little Panda Fajita!
Today he is mostly laying in bed watching Planet 51 and eating lots of chocolate! cause its Christmas and if he can’t eat lots of chocolate at Christmas when can he?!


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