Li Wu’s 1st Christmas

So this year was both Li Wu’s first Christmas and his Birthday!! What a day to have your birthday on, don’t worry though, most people only get one set of presents if their birthday is on Christmas day, Li Wu will be being spoilt every year =P


Merry Christmas from Li Wu!

He enjoyed his first Christmas with us, he ate LOTS of chocolate, played lots of games and watched lots of TV!
Li Wu then spent the whole of the next day in bed cause he was so tired from all the celebrating, as we all know Christmas is the time of year when the TV is clogged full of films, so, thats what he has been doing the past couple of days, watching lots of films, mainly Star Wars on repeat, Planet 51, Shrek and lots of other awesome films!

As you can see by the picture Li Wu enjoyed his Christmas celebrations, particularly the paper hats! He thought they were very fun to wear and play with, it took me a while to get him to sit still for that photo.

He is currently lay in bed watching the last installment of Star Wars on ITV2 +1 and resting up before the new year celebrations tomorrow, where he will get to meet more of his new family, he is very excited at the prospect of more chocolate and lots more people for him to cuddle!


Li Wu & Ted Recovering after all the chocolate eating whilst watching Star Wars

However, I will be keeping an eye on him as I came home the other night to find him and Ted had eaten almost an entire box of Toblerones!! A whole box, imagine that!! I wasn’t too upset though cause its Christmas and I like to share, I can see this has rubbed off on Li Wu and Ted cause they were sharing with each other.


Mmmmmmm Chocolate!! At least they shared

They didn’t seem too worried that they had been caught either, they just carried on eating the chocolate!
Of course I took it away from them cause they would have made themselves poorly had they carried on, and I’ve now put the rest of the chocolate away to give them a few days rest from it =P

Li Wu and I hope that you all had a great Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!!

See you in 2014!


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