Li Wu’s Taking Over!

Hi Guys, Li Wu here!

Just a quick post today as it is very late and I should really be asleep, mom doesn’t know so don’t tell her 😛
It’s day 3 of 2014 already! I have been with my family for just over a week now and it is awesome here, I get to have fun adventures all day (Which I will be sharing with you) and I can watch TV and hang out with everyone else, like Ted and Mickey Mouse! There’s so many of us, it’s so much fun!

New year was great, I loved all of the fireworks, they’re loud though, no one told me they would be that loud! but they were so pretty I could watch them all day, Christmas was lots of fun too, I got to stay up late and watch films and eat lots of chocolate (I love chocolate) speaking of which, we are running out of chocolate!!! If anyone has some send it over! Its getting desperate!

On New Years Eve I spent the day watching films and helping get everything ready for the party, we made cake and mince pies, cake mixture is super yummy, I can only imagine what chocolate cake mixture tastes like! I bet its amazing!!

Today I have spent most of the day sleeping, its been a very busy week and I have been really tired, hopefully I will get to share some of my adventures with you all in the next few days!
But for now I must sleep.

See you soon
Li Wu!


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