Li Wu’s First Adventure!

Hi guys!

I haven’t posted anything for a while, but I hope everyone is enjoying 2014 so far, I know I am, i’m currently working on putting together a post about my first adventure! It’s taking me a little longer than i thought because I’ve not wrote anything like this before, but in the meantime here is a bit about what I’ve been doing lately!

DSC_0508[1]Mostly I have been hanging out with my new friends, me and Ted get on very well and we have enjoyed many days lying in bed watching TV and playing games together, my mom has a PS3 so we have been playing lots of games, like Mini Ninjas & Little Big Planet, Little Big Planet is one of my favourite games, it’s so much fun especially making my own levels, i really enjoy that!

We have now ran out of chocolate =( so we have been eating lots of apples, which are better for you and just as yummy as chocolate!!

Hopefully my adventure post will be finished soon and i will be able to share it with you all!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope you enjoy my adventure just as much as I did!!

Li Wu


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