Li Wu & The Pirate’s Treasure

Hi guys Li Wu here, today I’m going to tell you about my awesome adventure, hope you like it! Today started like any other day, Rubber-Duckychilling in bed watching some TV, a nice glass of chocolate milk and a bath, However, while I was in the bath I fell asleep, not for long though cause I was woken up to the sound of birds flying above me and the feeling of waves washing over my toes, as I opened my eyes I could see the bright sun glaring in the sky and I thought this is a bit odd, I’m sure I was taking a bath a minute ago!

I stood up slowly and looked around, to see to my surprise that I was stood on a desert island in the middle of nowhere, the sand was a lovely golden colour and so warm on my paws, there were palm trees with large coconuts towering above me, when I noticed a trail leading off the beach into the trees, I decided to follow the trail to see where it led.

As I walked through the trees I could see all sorts of colourful birds, flying around watching me as I went ventured deeper into the island, at one point I was sure I could hear voices coming from the beach behind me, I looked back but saw no one so I carried on walking, eventually I came to a small clearing in what I imagine to be the middle of the island, I felt like I had been walking for Treasure-chesthours, it was cooler here, so I took a second and looked into the clearing, and then there it was, the voices except this time they seemed a lot closer, I went and hid in some long grass to my right and waited to see if anyone came, two figures came into view, one had a long scraggly beard, a hat and was wearing a long brown coat, the other was short, wearing a dirty white shirt and torn black trousers, neither of them were wearing shoes, I watched them walk into the clearing, away from me. As they walked away I could see that they were carrying a chest and spades, I wanted to follow them, to see where they were going but it didn’t take long for them to come back into view, this time they were empty handed and were walking quickly back towards the shore, after they were a good distance away from me, I got up and followed them back down to the beach, once we got to the edge of the trees I stopped and watched them walk down the beach to the water where they got into a small rowing boat, I scanned the shore and quickly spotted a much larger boat, it had large black sails, big guns in the sides and was almost as big as a cliff, it was a big wooden ship with huge dirty panels and tatty ropes tying it to the beach. It looked like some of the pirate ships that i have seen in books and that’s when I realised, the two men that I had watched run down the beach were pirates!

Suddenly I heard loud explosions coming from the sea, I emerged from the trees to see two ships, I was sure there was only one five pirate-ship4seconds ago, they were shooting big cannon balls at each other, taking big chunks out of their ships, the sails were on fire and people were shouting, then I saw about ten pirates running up the beach to my left and another ten to my right, they were heading straight for me, I thought they had seen me so I started running, I was running as fast as I could, dodging trees, going left and right trying to lose them, I daren’t look back, but then I heard the sound of metal clashing together, the pirates had surrounded me, they were fighting each other, I was sure it must be something to do with that chest, the one that was hidden, I didn’t have time to think though, swords were swinging left and right and pistols were firing, it was terrifying!!
I had to get out, get away from these scary people, I spotted a gap and went for it, I ran deep into the trees to a point where I could still hear and see them but I was safe, I rested for a minute then I saw, from the corner of my eye, something olden glistening in the sun, I looked over and saw a very small clearing, where the sun was beaming down through the trees, I got up and walked over to the shiny thing and noticed that it was the chest that the two pirates had been carrying earlier! I could only imagine what was inside!

I slowly opened the chest, inside I could see coins, shiny coins sparkling in the sunlight, there was something else though, something buried under the coins, I put my paw in and dug around until I found what I was looking for, I pulled it out and as I did the treasure spilled out onto the sandy grass, and there it was! my favourite bath toy, my rubber duck, but this was not just any rubber duck, this one clearly was special!! how did it get here? how did I get here? these were a few thoughts running through my head, I sat and closed my eyes thinking for a minute, when suddenly my thoughts were interrupted, not by pirates fighting or by the sound of cannons firing away, but by the sound of my mom, shouting to make sure I was Ok…..

As I got out of the bath and got ready for bed, I wondered what tomorrow would have in store for me.



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