What A Great Weekend!!

Hi Guys,

Sorry I forgot to do the post with more Photo Booth photos! I will post it up tomorrow I promise!

Today is Sunday and it’s almost time for a new week, but before that I want to know did you guys have a good weekend?

I had an awesome weekend! I was out in the garden in the sunshine cause it has been nice and warm this weekend, I played in the paddling pool with Ted and we sun bathed for a bit, we both fell asleep in the sun and when we woke up it was nearly dark! We stayed up late to look at the stars, they are very pretty! We watched a few films and played some games and we even had some ice cream!

I hope we get a nice summer! Mom was saying that summers here are nice when it is warm, she said that we have BBQs and parties with all our family, I really hope I can be part of that, it sounds like so much fun!

Just a short one tonight cause im very tired from all the fun ive had this weekend!

See you tomorrow for some fun photos!

Li Wu


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