I Love Music!!!

Hi Guys, Li Wu here!

Me in bed listening to some Michael Jackson!

Me in bed listening to some Michael Jackson!

so my mom bought some new headphones the other day, they are awesome! I have been using them in bed  a lot to listen to some of my favourite music, I love music, its great, i can just sit and listen to it all day.

I love it almost as much as i love chocolate!!

I spent most of today listening to Michael Jackson whilst my mom was at uni, i like to sing and dance along to his songs, he is probably one of my favourite artists, his music is so good i love it! but i also love bands like We The Kings & P!nk, i just love all sorts of music, i’m discovering lots of different types that i like and it is a lot of fun!


What sort of music do you guys love? and who is your favourite band/artist?

See you guys tomorrow!

Li Wu