More Photo Booth Photos!

Hi guys!

It has been a long time since I last posted! I have been having lots of little mini adventures and I have been working on writing up my next big adventure! Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Today I have some more Photo Booth photos to show you, the ones I said I would post about two weeks ago, although that is my moms fault she told me she would do it and then she got busy with her uni work so totally for got about it! but here they are!







Hope you guys enjoy these! My mom is off to a games Expo this morning, she told me all about it last night, so while she’s gone I’m going to work on her surprise Mothers Day gift, I’m making her a giant chocolate button!!! Don’t worry though she won’t read this until after I give it to her =P I’ll make sure of it!

What are you guys going to be doing for your moms this Mothers Day?

While mom is at this games Expo I’m mostly going to be playing Little Big Planet on the PS3, I love this game me and Ted like to play it together all the time =D

What are you guys all up to this weekend?

Hope you guys all have a great day!
See you later.

Li Wu


What A Great Weekend!!

Hi Guys,

Sorry I forgot to do the post with more Photo Booth photos! I will post it up tomorrow I promise!

Today is Sunday and it’s almost time for a new week, but before that I want to know did you guys have a good weekend?

I had an awesome weekend! I was out in the garden in the sunshine cause it has been nice and warm this weekend, I played in the paddling pool with Ted and we sun bathed for a bit, we both fell asleep in the sun and when we woke up it was nearly dark! We stayed up late to look at the stars, they are very pretty! We watched a few films and played some games and we even had some ice cream!

I hope we get a nice summer! Mom was saying that summers here are nice when it is warm, she said that we have BBQs and parties with all our family, I really hope I can be part of that, it sounds like so much fun!

Just a short one tonight cause im very tired from all the fun ive had this weekend!

See you tomorrow for some fun photos!

Li Wu

Relaxing Day!

Hi Guys! Li Wu here.

Thought i would stop by and leave you a short post!

Today has been a pretty relaxing day for me, i had a nice hot bath when i woke up this morning and then i have been relaxing watching Game of Thrones with my mom, she loves the show and i think it is pretty awesome too! My favourite character is Daenerys Targaryen cause she has Dragons!! How cool is that, me and mom would love a pet dragon!!

I also had a really nice nap today, i dreamt about being on the beach making a huge sandcastle fort, it was so much fun, then i woke up and i wasn’t on the beach, but, mom did bring me some ice cream so that made it all better!

I have some more photo booth photos for you guys tomorrow, they are pretty funny!

Hope you guys all had a good day!

See you tomorrow!

Li Wu

I Love Music!!!

Hi Guys, Li Wu here!

Me in bed listening to some Michael Jackson!

Me in bed listening to some Michael Jackson!

so my mom bought some new headphones the other day, they are awesome! I have been using them in bed  a lot to listen to some of my favourite music, I love music, its great, i can just sit and listen to it all day.

I love it almost as much as i love chocolate!!

I spent most of today listening to Michael Jackson whilst my mom was at uni, i like to sing and dance along to his songs, he is probably one of my favourite artists, his music is so good i love it! but i also love bands like We The Kings & P!nk, i just love all sorts of music, i’m discovering lots of different types that i like and it is a lot of fun!


What sort of music do you guys love? and who is your favourite band/artist?

See you guys tomorrow!

Li Wu

Photo Booth Fun!

Hi Guys!

As I promised yesterday, here are some of the pictures that me and my mom have been taking with the photo booth app on her iPad!


Theres 2 of me!!


Haha, look at my giant eye and Teds squished face!


Thermal camera fun!!










Me and Ted had lots of fun with these photos, we got mom to take them for us and they were so funny!!

Hope you guys enjoyed these pictures!

See you all tomorrow!

Li Wu

Quick Catch Up!

Hi Guys!

Li Wu here, its been a while since I posted and I am sorry, my mom an I have been very busy looking for a new house! We have finally found one and we will be moving in September, I’m so excited it’s going to be a lot of fun, it is all the way up in a town called Stafford, this is where my mom goes to university, I’ve never been to Stafford but she tells me that it is a nice place! I can’t wait!!

My last post was on the 12th and not a lot has really happened since then, it was Valentines Day on the 14th, I hung out with Ted and some of the gang, we watched a few films whilst our mom and dad went out for some dinner, we got some popcorn in and just chilled!
Me and mom have started working on writing up my next adventure for you guys to read, hopefully we can get it finished by the end of March for you all!!

My mom bought a new iPad the other week, it is so much fun we have been playing around with the photobooth app on it, it takes a photo of you and it makes your face look funny! I will post some of the pics for you in the week =D

Mom tells me that it is Easter in just over a week, she says we get to eat lots of chocolate! This sounds amazing and I can’t wait to eat lots of chocolate, I had some of her creme egg today and it was super yummy!

Other than those things all I have been doing is watching lots of films and TV and hanging out with Ted and the gang!

I promise to post more often now guys, I will really try!

See you all tomorrow!

Li Wu

Ringing In The New Year!!

So today is the last day of 2013! It has been a good year, though Li Wu wasn’t around for most of it he definitely made the end of my year even better, He has a few plans for 2014, some of which i will now share with you!

Li Wu’s 2014:

  • Take over the blog!
  • Have lots of fun adventures
  • Take lots of photos
  • Eat more chocolate

Today has been a day of getting ready, Li Wu has been helping me and my parents do some cooking, we made cake and sausage rolls, then we watched a Kung Fu Panda short, which Li Wu loved and now we are watching How To Train Your Dragon and Li Wu is begging me for a pet Dragon! Somehow i don’t think that will happen as cool as it would be think of the fire hazard and where would we keep it!!
Right now bring on the party food and the fun!!

He is looking forward to New Year and taking over the blog so he can tell you all about his crazy adventures =P right now hes

What are your plans for the New Year?

Hope you have a good one!